Independent Games Studio

Sword N Wands is a one-man studio settled in the north-east of France.

The studio is born after several game jam. From these events and encounters, the motivation to make fun games was the strongest and led to the creation of the studio.

Ruggnar, an upcomming game, is the first game of the studio.



A platformer set in gloomy places, with nothing but candles to light your way to the treasures.

A dwarf, no ennemy, but (a lot of) traps.

Still in developpement.



In this infinite runner, you control two ships at the same time.

With your thumbs guide them to avoid the walls.

Saucis - Knack Wars

A 2-player puzzle game with Aliens, pigs and sausages.

Combine pieces of sausage to make the biggest one.

Eat'em All

Your fish follow your pointer. Guide him to seek and eat the small ones.

Beware each time you eat you grow bigger and get slower.


A puzzle game of observation. Pick the corresponding shape to fill the square.

Be fast, the clock is ticking.

Double Duck

The streets are full of bad ducks, They stole your lunch.

Alone or with a friend, clean the streets by punching bad ducks.


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